FACES OF KOREA - Model KIM Geeyang

FACES OF KOREA - Model KIM Geeyang by M.L. Ahn, 23/11/2016

In South Korea, a woman who wears a US size 10 is considered fat and will often be looked on with disgust. Women who weigh 50 kg or more think they are fat and will go to great (and dangerous) lengths to meet an impossible body standard.   Featured in a Huffington Post article, model Kim Geeyang (Vivian) has launched a campaign against the body shaming that is prevalent in Korean socie...

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For Mogo, Healthy Eating is their Business

For Mogo, Healthy Eating is their Business by Mogo, 11/11/2016

In the hustle of Korea’s fast-paced life-style where to-do lists get longer, and the days get shorter, getting a healthy dinner on the table isn’t always a top priority. We’ve all been there: arriving home after a long day at the office with little time to cook, only to reach for the take-out menus or a quick-and-easy ramen fix. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be you. ...

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Dwight International School
Chadwick International Launches Residential Life Program by Chadwick International, 09/08/2016

Chadwick International (CI) has lauched a Residential Life Program to support a more diverse student population. The 7-day full boarding program is specifically designed for students in Grades 9 -12 who want to expand their Chadwick educational experience into the residential life experience. The boarding students will reside on the discrete...

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Yoo Youngkuk - Korean Abstract Art Pioneer by Joan Kissler, 14/08/2016

Yoo Youngkuk was one of the first-generation abstract artists in Korea, making him a pioneer of modern art. Unlike other artists who began as figurative painters, he was committed to abstract painting from the outset. Yoo’s work paved the way for contemporary Korean abstract artists like Sky Kim, and he serves as inspiration to countle...

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